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Monday Mar.4th. 2019 - TOYS 20


Good Monday Morning Gang! Chez’s Toys 20 begins today. When you hear the cue, Text Toys to 762555. Or, if you hear the “cue to call”, then dial 613-750-1061 and be the 15th. caller to win. Or, you can enter online a ballot hourly for a weekly draw. You can also win a key at a remote broadcast location.
This year the prizes total over $200,000…Good luck to everyone!


Woohoo! First cue to TXT before 9am. I can’t find the hourly code link yet, not sure if it is due to the mobile website on my phone


Toys 20 here we go! I haven’t had a chance to look for anything on the Chez website or even listen yet. I’m limited to using my phone too @Drewdles. If I find the hourly code link on my phone, I’ll let you know.


Text TOYS to 762555 now @Hummer @Hepi @mikey2shoes


text now for TOYS 20


Looks like hourly link is now up on the site.


Ha I just found it too and came here to mention it. Thanks @Drewdles.


Just read the details on the prizes and surprised that the cottage does not include the land!! Anybody know where I can purchase some property to put this cottage on when I win Toys 20? Rotflmao


Any construction people to build my foundation here too, once we get the land? Or crane operators!


Ha. Maybe whoever wins can trade the Sens tickets for a piece of land… They should be worth enough to get you enough land to build an outhouse… It’s sad to see the team imploding like this.


Guess i am going to have to sign up for Facebook this year as there is no Instagram qualifying this year…


Anyone else have to stop and think how old you are for entering your age on the hourly entry draw? Too many years, they all blend together…


@Drewdles I have some sort of “auto address complete” for forms on my phone. Just had to bump the age up by 1…no remembering required. There was a time about 15 yrs ago that for pretty much an entire year I thought I was a year older than I actually was…


snowwhite making an entrance after a long respite. My daughter turned up with uterine cancer and the operation looked good but has to go back to have ovaries out, maybe radiation. I have some health issues so life bites sometimes. Trying to get used to the site again as the look has changed once more. Wishing everyone a great day and hope all is well.


Cue to txt coming up in next 20 mins…


Text TOYS to 762555 now @Hummer @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite


Hey can we only text once this year? It says I’ve reached my limit after 1 :frowning:


@mikey2shoes Do you have an app that autofills your entry? My Android I have to type it all in… Maybe there is a setting somewhere?

@kellyka I just looked at the rules, it said send a single message, but other than that nothing I see limiting the number or tries, but to be honest, I only tried once… Hoping it is that way, way too busy to have to send it repeatedly…

@snowwhite Sorry to hear about all the health issues, I hope things improve, my girlfriend has had her challenges as well in the last year and a half, but we are hoping we are now over everything. A cottage getaway would be a nice healing setting…


When I sent the 2nd text it replied to me with “You’ve hit your entry limit! Please wait for the next cue to text for your chance to enter!” So I guess they changed the system this year to protect from people that enter over and over in one cue to text! Makes sense really.


@snowwhite and @Drewdles , sad to hear about health issues you and your families are dealing with. It feels like every year there are more people I know who are going through difficult health issues. Sadly, I guess it is part of getting older.

@Drewdles the app is in Google Chrome under settings, “addresses and more”. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s much faster. It seems a bit flakey, doesn’t always put the right info in the right fields. Last year I had it pretty stable by the end. There were only a couple of fields that I had to fix manually. This year it is terrible so far.

@kellyka @Drewdles , I’m happy to only have to text once too! Definitely don’t have time to sit there madly texting for 5 min.