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Monday, March 11, 2019


I have the answer and will send you a private message shortly.


@haw not working for me. Is that your first entry today? My first one worked too.


my first entry worked early this morning but then nothing until a few minutes ago. kinda wierd


Ok chez just emailed me. They said they fixed hourly draw so I might need to clear my cache or something and they are looking into the photobooth issues.


I clicked log out below the message saying I my next ballot is 03/18 and the form popped up again.


Its working for me now too. just made the 9 am entry.


Text Toys Now


Darn, just missed it. Was close so sent a text anyway. Got the reply but don’t know if it made it before the cutoff.


i think you’ll get the reply regardless of if there is a que or not


Shoot missed it… And I was sitting right next to the radio, too busy to focus!


TJ just said cue to text in next 15 mins @mikey2shoes @oh34rn


I heard the same thing…in the next 15 min.


Text now @burt @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @cato07


Text now @chesne


Well I definitely missed it this time…lol


I try to listen to Chez but I’m not really good at listening to Chez all day. Life gets in the way. I hope you are feeling better Snowwhite - I met you at a previous Chez event.


2 C2T in a hour?


I do not get the text msgs. Is there a call in today?


@snowwhite No app notification yet this week…


@oh34rn I am thinking yours might have been wrong… One of the ads is fairly similar but if it doesn’t say text in the next 5 minutes it is not the correct cue, I made that mistake last week… I know my notification tis time was 100% as he said within 15 mins, then I heard it, and after the song he came on and said you still had a minute to get your text in… No worries, as mentioned it can get mistaken easily this year… Appreciate the effort in trying…