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Monday Nov 12, 2018


Good Monday morning. I am assuming many of you are off, I am an unlucky one on the corporate world…

Looks like a cold and snowy week, wondering if I am ever going to get the dock out at the cottage… Got the water shutoff at least…

Enjoy your day off for those who are off…


Good morning all,

Not been on line for a few days now.

My wife had a total knee replacement last week, and I am home assisting for now.

I am supposed to go back to Thailand next Tuesday, and am looking for some support organization of people who could be with my wife for a three weeks out here in Almonte. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know. I am looking at a number of options, but all information is good.



@hepi I wish your wife a speedy recovery, I am sure it isn’t easy… And being far away will be hard… I don’t have much experience in this area, but her surgeon/doctors might have some ideas. When my girlfriend had some major surgery last year and contracted meningitis, they arranged for health care to come daily to check on iv pumps, etc, since my girlfriend wasn’t allowed to drive/work, she couldn’t go to their offices with me working… I would think something similar might be covered by OHIP or insurance, but just a thought… Not sure to what extent it would be covered.


@Drewdles - Thanks for that. She has a visit from the Home Care physio tomorrow, and I might get more ideas from them.


@Hepi I know for us they didn’t advertise the home care, we had to tell them, how is she supposed to get to the clinic daily (only open business hours) if she can’t drive and I have to work… And then they are like, we can come to the home no problem, it is covered too.


@Drewdles Thanks for that information. We will see what happens when they turn up tomorrow.