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Monday Sept 24, 2018


Good energized (hopefully everyone has power now) Monday morn.


TXT now. @mikey2shoes @Greg @Hepi @Hummer


Hey all, hopefully everyone survived Friday with minimal damage/inconvenience…

We lost power in Kanata just after 6pm, and the cottage went down a bit later. Power in Kanata came back about 9:30pm Saturday and cottage was working by the time we woke up in the morning. So we headed up to the cottage where we had power and to check on things. A couple of tiny branches down, nothing else… So we were definitely fortunate…
But it does make me want to get a small generator (thinking inverter type) and I have lots of the little battery packs to charge phones, but a solar one wouldn’t be a bad idea, and a battery power radio, I streamed CFRA on my phone… Our cable tv isn’t working, however Rogers shows on their website a notice many areas are affected, as did their phone system when I called.

Good luck in trying to get to Vegas this week…


Cue to txt coming up in next 5 mins.


TXT Vegas to 762555 now! @mikey2shoes @Greg @Hepi @Hummer
Good luck!


TXT Vegas to 762555 now! @mikey2shoes @Greg @Hepi @Hummer
Good luck!


Aukey has a really nice solar powered battery pack.

Other then the generator my favorite thing over the storm was my Milwaukee Battery Powered Radio. That thing was awesome and lasted forever.