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What happened to Robin Harper?


I was wondering the same thing.


Reposting…does anyone know what happened to Robin Harper?


No idea was wondering as well. Seems he was still there mid December and no idea where TJ came from before.


Also Eric the Intern… what did he do exactly?


@Greg Are you saying he was fired to save money like Eric?


I heard Robin was promoted to be program director. Hes Doc and Woody’s boss now. No longer DJ. Can’t confirm but that’s what I was told by a radio insider.


If that’s what it is good for him. But I heard that RH’s promotion to PD happened a while ago. Perhaps they were grooming TJ and just needed RH to be on the air until that was completed.


When looking at Robin’s twitter I don’t see much about Chez though, you think he would be promoting more chez stuff if he was program director.

Eric, I believe wanted a change, but not sure if it was forced or voluntary…


I checked Robin’s Twitter and Facebook last night, they are both the same. No mention of CHEZ, but he never was one to post a lot about CHEZ.


Has anyone heard a definitive answer of what happened to Robin Harper?