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Saturday, March 10, 2018


:grin:Good Morning Radiowallers…the start of a new day…


HOMETOWN SPORTS GRILL WINNERS …Congrats to our 2 TOYS 19 key winners at Hometown Sports Grill, Nicole Beauchamp and Robert Clouthier! #TOYS19.

Regarding the issue of the CUE TO TEXT and how many times, I also asked Robin towards the end of the event and he replied the same to me “as many times you want”. I questioned him about the Rules and Regulations saying 1 entry per contest and he said he did not know but would check it out and let us know. More to come. Oh well, perhaps Lady Luck will shine on me next time. :hibiscus::bouquet::star2:Have a Great Weekend.


Ok. Let me try this again. @snowwhite sorry I didn’t reply last night, I was still at Hometown Grill at the time, but when I tried to reply, I found out that (because I had to recreate my account yesterday) I had hit my “first day” max of 10 posts and was locked out until today (I guess I talk too much…lol). I remember a few years ago when there were a ton of people on Radiowall, there there was a time when there were quite a few issues with, well lets just call them stupid people, trying to spam, or hijack, or just post lots of “not nice” stuff on the forum (I’m sure you must remember that as well). In order to try to at least control things a bit, I seem to recall that @Greg put a limit on the number of posts someone could make on the first day. Personally, I think it is a great idea, it just caught me off guard last night…lol.
Anyway, it sounds llke you got your anwser from Robin (actually more of a “non answer” regarding the conflict between the rules and his comments).
The other commment I was going to make last night was that I was a little ticked that I was at Hometown from 3:00 until after the cue to text winner was announced, and I totally missed it because you couldn’t hear Chez there. Maybe it would break their rules, but it would have been a nice gesture if Robin had made a quick announcement to everyone at Hometown when the cue came. Oh well, at least the beer was good. :beers:


Hi to all.

Sitting in the Airport on my way to Ireland.

Still hope to pick u a key in the next two weeks, but will have to rely on my Radiowall friends to tell me when to text!!

Cheers to all.


Safe travels on your trip. Hopefully your flights go OK. Take care…


I had the same issue yesterday with limit of posts for new user and had to wait till this morning to post. It will be interesting to hear the right answer or I might add what the right answer is! Have a Good