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Saturday, March 9, 2019


Made it to Guild Crest a bit after noon. Was a steady crowd. Got our Instagram photo taken for the 2nd key, but still haven’t received the text with it. She had said it would take an hour. Wierd. Didn’t know they have sales offices in Arnprior and Kingston too. Arnprior has one demo home and a second coming this summer I think. Talked to their purchaser who has worked there for 24 years. They also have a sister company in Quebec.


I was there around 3 and still haven’t received my text, but the lady told us they were doing the draw for that Monday to and i quote “let the old people figure out instagram”


Yeah the lady said it would take about an hour to get our TXT but we had to Monday to get it posted. I see 21 photos I think tagged #toys20 so some people got the texts. Girlfriend is on bell and me Telus so not a provider issue. Hoping they come through.


Just got my text!


My daughter just got it for the instagram.


We still don’t have ours but holding out hope knowing yours took so long. Thx for letting me know @oh34rn @sueplay


Sunday 7pm and still no texts for either of us :sob:


That’s strange. I’m going to ask my daughter for details on what she received. be right back.


If we don’t get them I am going to post the floorplan and beer koozie we got along with the instagram instructions they said to take a photo of and in my comment say we never got our texts.


Drewdles - the text came from this number 1 443 550 7332. I hope this helps you out. (info from my daughter as I didn’t get out to Morewood).


Thx. Don’t have that number in my received txts.