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Sunday 26 August 2018


Eric is gone from CHEZ. Budget cutting monkeys at Rogers!!!


Just saw your post. That’s brutal but typical I guess. When I noticed that he wasnt on air this morning, I thought he must have been on holiday or something.


Eric’s been gone for a week. When will Bell and Rogers realize that you need people to make a profit?


Just did a bit more digging. According to a post on his Instagram, it looks like Eric might be devoting all his working time to Operation Come Home now. Sounds like he’s happy about it at least.


Yeap, Eric is with OCH. IMHO CHEZ never gave him a chance. He should have had his own show instead of being on the D & W show.


I think four people on a morning show is a little much in this day and age and the current market… Most have one, at most two, with the exception of Hot 89.9 I think. But as long as Eric is happy in his new gig, I wish him the best…