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Thursday 12th April 2018


Good Morning All.

Good Luck today guys!!


Good Thursday Mornin Dudes’n Dudettes! - Good Luck-Bonne Chance.


Text toys now.


Good morning all. Good luck on getting a key today.


Good morning Chez Fanz!
Is the onsite at Primo Trailer today or tomorrow?


@LuvSkiing - Tomorrow, Fri Apr 13 from 1:00p-4:45pm (for Calabogie Motorsports & 1Morelap at Primo Trailer Sales (995 Moodie Dr. S.


Great, thanks @Hummer


Less than 5 songs till C2T


Text Toys Now!


Thanks @Hummer, I was just finishing up at a lunch for a co-worker who’s leaving. Saw your post right after it went up and got my texts in!


Damn - I must have been asleep. Just seen the notifications!!!


Hey, I just remembered, for those of you who “facebook”, its TOYS19 facebook Thursday, so get on over to the Chez Facebook page and comment away!
@Hepi are you looking for sympathy for sleeping? :grin: :rofl:


No sympathy required. All my own fault…


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!