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Thursday 19th April 2018


Good Morning All.


Good Thursday Mornin Gang! - Good Luck!


Good morning everyone. As usual, fingers crossed for a RWaller key winner.


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Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!


Good morning all!

@mikey2shoes I wonder if we had tried to call if we might have got a ring… Road or mountain bike? I used to ride lots many years ago… But hate riding in a big city… Was great in Europe there were paths through farmers fields everywhere and when I lived in Belleville I used to like riding along highway 2… Here in Ottawa, it’s the Canal and that’s about it, but almost never get out on my bike anymore…
Not sure I am going to make it to the remote this week, covering off for a few people at work…

Hopefully Facebook Thursday gets lucky for one of you…

Good luck!


@Drewdles - Where is the remote this week?


@Hepi Motorsports world, corner of baseline and Clyde (formerly known as Canadian Tire and then Value Village if you’ve been around Ottawa for a few years) 1375 Clyde. Oh, and it’s from 2:00 - 5:45


Yeah getting across town for 5:45pm may be hard for me. But I am determined to try… And there are still two additional remotes in the coming weeks, so a few chances left.
Sat Apr 28 from 10:00am-1:45pm @ Tool & Equipment Store (2205 Robertson Road)
Fri May 4 from 2:00pm-5:45pm @ Kanata Ford (8000 Campeau Drive


Thanks @mikey2shoes


Text TOYS now @mikey2shoes


Yep! It’s time!


Al is the lucky winner of the C2T


@Drewdles – Cycling in Europe, I’m jealous! I have a road bike and an old mountain bike. I used to Mountain bike a fair amount but sort of got out of it quite a while ago. About 6 or 7 years ago, after a few years of a co-worker bugging me to get a road bike, I finally took the plunge and got a used one. Unfortunately, because road bikes are a very different fit than mountain bikes and the fact that I didn’t really know exactly how it should “feel”, and because of the limited sizing availability of descent used bikes, it ended up being a touch too big, usable but not ideal. I rode it for 3 years then upgraded to the one I have now (found an offer I couldn’t refuse on a carbon fibre bike). I’m not a big fan of riding in the city either… having said that, I work in Gatineau and live south of the airport in Ottawa, and I sometimes commute by bike. I manage to avoid most of the “city” traffic though, so it isn’t too bad. I try to get out for a ride on weekends. Living on the outskirts of town makes that easier, just hop on the bike and go. I am pretty hit and miss with how much I ride from year to year though. A lot depends on the weather and my motivation…lol. I have done zero riding so far this year, last year was a joke because of the weather (3 times I think). The year before however, I was out doing training rides starting in mid-March! We were signed up for the Rideau Lakes Tour on June 11-12 that year…. Let me tell you, that is serious motivation to get lots of saddle time in early!

Yes, hopefully someone on here lucks out with Facebook Thursday but I don’t do Facebook either, so it won’t be me.


@mikey2shoes When I lived in Europe my father was in the military, when I had my bike I was only there for a few summers, but loved going forever through fields on paved paths… Almost got lost a few times (before GPS days)… I had a half decent bike and then way back in university I got an amazing deal on a used Specialized carbon fibre bike… It was sized a tad too big for me but usable, but I found it very stiff… Was always one to ride on my own, not with a pack. One of my bosses has gone to Europe a few times over the last couple of years with some friends to ride as a pack. Both of my bosses used to race somewhat, that was never me, I just loved the freedom out and about and alone time… Rideau Lakes Tour, nice area, my girlfriends cottage is just north of the Big Rideau…


Funny, I find my carbon fibre bike (Trek btw) a bit too stiff too. “You need to get a Carbon fibre bike” my co-worker said, “it’ll be more compliant”, “they can build it stiff in certain directions but it will still be able to absorb bumps better than aluminum” he said… feels pretty much like an aluminum frame to my body when I go over bumps…lol … I pretty much like to ride alone too. I like the idea of being able to ride at my own pace and even stop to take a picture sometimes. When I ride with my co-worker and his wife, it’s only 3 of us but I find sometimes I’m riding “in the red zone” just above my threshold which means I’m going to bonk at some point. They’re both more than 10 years younger than me, and have nicer, lighter bikes than mine (his is a custom built titanium frame buildup – which ironically was cheaper than his last bike, but still way more than I would/could spend!). This means that they can ride faster with less effort, and they can recover faster too… the only times that I’ve ridden in bigger groups have been on organized rides (like the Rideau Lakes), and then it is only for short periods while we are overtaking, or (more often) when we are being overtaken. In those cases we would sometimes hook up with them for 10 - 15 min or so. I love the idea of group rides, and it is definitely faster riding in a paceline but I’m not super comfortable with the reality of group rides with strangers. You have a bunch of people who are not necessarily used to riding with each other or even in close quarters in a group (me for example), so there’s a much higher risk of crashing. It might be different if I was part of a regular group who ride together a lot, but I don’t know a bunch of riders, and I also don’t put in enough hours to be able to ride at the pace of even a relatively slow group…lol

The Rideau Lakes is a beautiful area for sure. Beautiful for riding if you don’t mind cars blowing past you all the time (although there are some less travelled roads there too). My sister has a cottage just north of Westport.

I’m hoping to get out for a short ride this weekend, can’t wait! That is if I’m not too busy changing tires all weekend.


Text TOYS now!!! @mikey2shoes


@Hepi text TOYS now!


Crap missed another one. Was getting a haircut. Hope one of you gets/got a call just now.


No luck ;(