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Thursday 21st June 2018


Good Morning All on the longest day of the year!!

Summer solstice time - all those druids sitting around Stonehenge!!!

Have a great day everybody.


Good mornin Dudes’n Dudettes! - @Hepi - and all those druids sitting around smokin doobies!


@Hummer - Of course… LOL


I wonder how crazymike is reacting to the weed news. LOL


@Greg - I can tell you CrazyMike is not waiting till Oct.17th. to smoke some big fatties! :rofl:


Good hump day, oh wait we are past that finally, losing track of time this week…

So contractors came in yesterday and removed the laminate or whatever it was as well as cut out all the drywall two feet about the floor on all walls (even those not near wet)… And cut up the whole wall where the outside tap is… But haven’t tested the tap to see if it is really that leaking or where… And they setup enough fans and some giant dehumidifier thing to make it like one of those indoor skydiving places or wind tunnel testing at the NRC… Thankfully the house isn’t on Hydro one! What is funny they are going to replace the carpet on our stairs to the basement too which is weird as it is ancient and didn’t match, but hey, we won’t complain… They now come daily for a while to check on how the drying is going…

New Android phone just arrived, so off to set that up!


@Drewdles - Good luck with your new phone!!

Hope it does not take too long to dry out your basement.


@Greg @hummer @Hugger1 haven’t heard the name CrazyMike in ages. I’ve been meaning to ask if anyone knows what has happened to some of the old guard… Wondering about Rebel (hoping he wasn’t in a bicycling accident or something), Mr Red, and especially PharmerPhil.
@Drewdles, hope things go well with your basement.
Oh, and happy Thursday, or Friday as I like to call it since I’m off tomorrow. :grin:


I keep in touch with Rebel and Parmerphil on Facebook. They are both doing OK.

Pharmerphil got engaged in May - not sure when the wedding is!

Rebel posts loads of stuff each day, and keeps us amused.

Not heard from Mr Red since Radiowall changed format.


@hepi, thanks for the update. Glad to hear they are ok. I remembered seeing a blog by Mr. Red a while back. Found it, kiss FM vip blog. He’s got posts up to and including today, so I guess he’s ok too…


@mikey2shoes - I believe with the changes to this site, and the format change at CHEZ106 of doing away with collecting points, some old timers lost interest. One thing for sure, Mr. Red won’t quit posting his " On this day in Canadian history, with KISS-FM


@mikey2shoes Mr Red and Pharmer Phil are very active on Facebook.


@Hugger1, I don’t have Facebook so its good to hear that they are ok. They were all such regulars on the old site, so it was very strange how they just disappeared and didn’t come over to the new site.


@mikey2shoes I think it’s as Hummer said with the changes to the site and to CHEZ some lost interest. I know I don’t visit here as often as I used to.