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Thursday 22nd March 2018


Good Morning All.

Good luck to someone today!!


Good Turdsday Mornin gang!


Text Toys Now!


You sleepy heads! Where r u?


wow way to early for a cue yikes! Good morning :blush:


Running a test batch - not at phone or computer…

Could be like this all day…


Was driving and not able to text and then got busy… Life and work keep getting in the way of T19.


Good Luck today and enjoy sun shine…when you can…


Morning all… Just getting online now… Reminder of the TOYS 19 REMOTE today at St. Laurent… Got a notice on the app about it. Thurs March 22 from 3:00p-6:45pm @ Trip Central (Located inside the St. Laurent Shopping Centre- 1200 St. Laurent Blvd)

That one I will make it to for sure as I work not too far down the road from there…

Also it is Facebook Thursday, pay attention to whatever it is you do for a shot to a key on there!

And don’t forget your hourly entries!

Good luck!


Nothing to see here. Thought I heard the cue to text, picked up my phone to see if anyone posted, and accidentally sent my preloaded message. Stupid new phone screen is way to sensitive.


Still waiting on the cue to text…


yup I’m also still waiting… sigh


Well then, I guess I’m still waiting too…lol.
Was away from the radio for a bit, so wasn’t sure if I missed it…


@kellyka Which is more boring, waiting for the cue, or waiting around the movie set for your cue there, lol?


Robin confirmed cue in next half hour…


How very helpful of him…considering his show ends in 40 min…lol to be fair, I guess it was more like 45 min left when he said it.


Less than 2 songs away… So that must mean after this song??? Or does that mean Robin failed math class and doesn’t understand his lessthan or lessthan equal to?


2 songs away :blush:


I wish I was on the movie set …free munchies and they pay me! Sitting at home it’s just me and the dog😁


@Drewdles tecnically it could be after this song and 13 commercials…which would put it close to his within a 1/2 hour hint…lol