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Thursday 22nd March 2018


I think you nailed it likely…


I thought that was the cue, but just an ad I think.


…and being on the set is more exciting than sitting at home listening to the radio (unless you’ve done so many movies that the novelty has worn off).


Just an add I think too.


There is. You got it @Drewdles.


Text now!!! @hepi


Now I’m still waiting for my phone to ring…lol


Jordan’s voicemail was the winner…


Hummer’s been awfully quiet, he must have fallen back asleep after the 6am queue lol…


Ha. Yes indeed.


Just caught the last one, but not sure if my computer lied about the time.

@Hummer - probably down the pub which is where I intend to be in an hour or so.


Don’t forget about the REMOTE right now @ St. Laurent Shopping Centre for your key chance in the draw!


@Drewdles - that could be a little difficult …


@Drewdles on my way to the remote now.
@Hepi I’d fill out a ballot for you but I seem to recall that’s how “Mr Red” earned his lifetime ban from Chez .


@Hummer - You are correct. I don’t really want to be banned…


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi if you see this, it’s time to text.


Crap was on the phone, missed it.


At least I made it to St. Laurent just now to TripCentral to get my ballot in…


@Drewdles last in first out… getting there.near the end could play in your favour.


If the remote was 3pm to 6:45 and I was there about 5:15pm I like to think middle of the pack. Back of the pack in the last remote didn’t work for me. Good luck! Only one more day after today for a RW’ER to win this week.