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Thursday 26th April 2018


Good wet morning all.

Umbrella’s and rain jackets today!!!


Good Turdsday Mornin gang!


Are there snakes this morning?


Cue to txt started a minute agp


Good Rainy Morning. Good Luck Today.


@LuvSkiing they said snakes are next week.

Don’t forget it is Facebook Thursday for you Facebookers.

Good luck today!


Happy Thursday everyone. Missed the C2T this morning and will likely miss Robin’s as well. Oh well, such is life. Good luck on getting a key everyone.


WOOT! My wife the won the morning key… team work! FYI… We both texted the full 5 minutes.


@Jason - Congrats to your wife, and you of course!:smiley:


@Jason Congrats!


Congrats Jason/wife


Text TOYS now @mikey2shoes


Just waiting for that call . . .


Sarah was the winner…


FYI Telus has a phone outage… Can’t make or receive calls.

But I still seem to at least be able to txt ok… Almost everyone at our office is affected.


Officially from Telus… Better not affect my C2T!!!
We are currently experiencing an issue causing intermittent loss of mobility service in Ontario, Quebec & Maritimes. We are working to resolve it as quickly as possible and will continue posting updates on the TELUS Neighbourhood:


Was way all morning, so missed the C2T as well as a couple of hourly entries. Really getting down to crunch time. Only 9 keys left if my math is right. Cue to text keys remaining - 5 - Cosmo this afternoon, 3 tomorrow, Doc & Woody on Monday morning. Remote keys remaining - 4 - OFS this Saturday, Kanata Ford on May 5th.
@Drewdles that sucks about Telus. If it was Rogers maybe you could cry foul…


Plus one Facebook one for today (I signed up today lol)… And one more for the weekly draw which they said will draw on Tuesday

ps. I can’t complain about Telus, work pays for my phone, so when something is free, one can’t complain!


Ha. Forgot about facebook and the weekly draw. So that’s 11 keys then? Well that’s plenty of chances left. I feel much better about my chances now…lol. As for your phone, I see your point. However, technicaly you’re complaining about the network not the phone, so I’d say feel free to complain away…:wink:


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!