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Thursday 29th March 2018


Good Morning All.

My last full day here in Ireland. Tomorrow I travel home, so probably won’t get many entries in.

Will be back on line Monday I guess.

I will drink to all of you this evening with a nice pint of Guinness!!


Morning dudes and dudettes! - @Hepi - Cheers!


TXT Toys now!


Thanks @hummer got maybe two minutes worth in…


Morning all. Don’t forget it is Facebook Thursday!!! And for @mikey2shoes don’t forget your hourly draws,

Hopefully Chez doesn’t take tomorrow off from the cue to txts, hopefully they’ll let us know on the air today.


@Drewdles I’ve been pretty good for hourly entries so far today, just did my 4th one now. Unfortunately I completely missed out on the C2T. I can chew gum and walk at the same time, not sure why I’m having such a hard time accomplishing both these T19 tasks…lol


@mikey2shoes lol, here I am reminding you about the hourly draws and I haven’t even done one today yet!


They did the bonehead of the week vote this morning which makes me think they won’t be doing any C2T tomorrow. I imagine the hourly entries will still run though.


Yeah, just heard Doc & Woody & team are off tomorrow I think that is what I heard, was just getting into the office and setting up, so likely the case, I get a day off from the stress to texting to get a key!


@Drewdles seriously! This year I promised myself that I would not get stressed out by the contest. “If I miss a cue or remote or something, no big deal”… I have to remind myself of that promise almost daily…lol


Hey all, popping into a meeting shortly, not sure how long it will go, but if someone can give me an @drewdles shout out if there is a cue to txt that would be appreciated… Will have my phone, just away from my radio…


Will do @Drewdles (assuming I don’t miss it of course). :persevere:


Robin says less than 2 songs away…


So, any time in the next twenty minutes or so!!!


Pretty much.


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi and @Drewdles it’s time to text.


Well…wasn’t me that got the key!..sigh!


Shoot, thanks Mikey, missed it by 4 mins even with the notification, got sidetracked in the meeting…


Too bad you missed it @Drewdles . I almost got sidetracked too. Fire alarm went off just before the C2T but it was just a test so no problemo.


Leaving for an appointment soon. Might miss the next cue as I’ll be sitting in a dentist chair in a bit…then off to Costco.