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Thursday 2nd August 2018


Good Morning All.

Now preparing for a 2 week trip to Italy starting tomorrow evening.

Will be hard work, but hopefully a good result. Upgrading the first high power system we installed back in 2008.


Good morning all and Happy Thursday. I heard that Greg Towers won something on Chez with Cosmo’s 5 seconds of fame.
@hepi, be sure to enjoy a nice glass or two of Chianti while you’re in Italy, hopefully not with liver and fava beans though… Hope your trip goes smoothly and there aren’t any last minute work hiccups when you are getting ready to come home,


@mikey2shoes - Thanks. Looking forward to Italy. It was my favorite country to holiday in for many years when I lived in England.

The food, the wine, the women and the song.

I will enjoy 75% of those…