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Thursday 3rd May 2018


Good Morning All


Good Thursday Mornin Everyone!


Good morning. A bit damp out today but at least the temperature is great.


Good day all… One more day to wait to see if we are final key winners…

@mikey2shoes Dampness is good for my grass seed… Sometimes I wonder why I bother however, every year I always have to redo the front lawn… The giant Japanese Maple prevents it from ever getting any rain… so it always seems to die off… And I am not paying to water it much!


Good morning CHEZ Fanz.
My wife and I sometimes use these Chez Toys on location events as an excuse to have dinner out. Any not too pricey restaurant suggestions around Kanada Ford?

When they did the Lone Star St. Laurent on location, we always had dinner there. :slight_smile:


@Drewdles I hear you about the rain. I could use some to get my fertilizer into the soil. I’m on a well, so I don’t “pay” for water (although I’ve sunk close to $5k into well and plumbing repairs over the last couple of years). I don’t like watering too much either 'cause I’ll be damned if I’m going to risk running my well dry to water my grass!
@LuvSkiing Kanata’s not my neck of the woods but one suggestion I have is The Cheshire Cat which is only about 2 country blocks away from Kanata Ford. I’ve (sadly) never been but I hear nothing but good things about it. Others may be able to give more informed opinions or suggestions though.


@LuvSkiing - I would definitely recommend the Cheshire Cat. We go there for lunch from work sometimes, and always with Customers.

When you are done at Kanata Ford, go back on the 417 West to the Carp Road exit, then turn right. The Cheshire Cat is about 2 km or so on the right at Richardson Side Road lights. (If you knew that, then sorry)

If you want to stay in Kanata, then there are lots of good restaurants in Centrum to choose from.


@mikey2shoes Hear you on the well, we draw water from the lake at the cottage, but hate to run the pump more than we need to, just due to electricity and it is now an older pump… There I haul the watering can up and down the very sloped property, many times… Good exercise, lol…

@LuvSkiing Cheshire Cat is great, quaint pub with great homemade food and some good beers including craft beers… Or Fratelli’s which is in the Signature Center across the street… Then there are your usuals realtively nearby, Baton Rouge, Jack Asters, Montanas, East Sides, Swiss Chalet, Darcy McGees, Milestones . Or if you want something different there is always the Crazy Horse which gives you an option to cook your own steak on a stone (nothing great, ok, and a bit expensive). There is also Central Bierhouse which if you like Sausages and Oysters seems to be popular (not my cup of tea), plus they are a bit like Pub Italia in many different beers. And since you mentioned LoneStar ther eis one on March Road next to the Metro if that is what you are craving.


@mikey2shoes @Drewdles @Hepi Thanks for the info. I am very familiar with the Cheshire Cat, I’ve been there a number of times and never been disappointed. So we may go there. Kanata is not my hood either, so I don’t know what else is out there.
Good luck to all of you Friday if you are getting out there to put in an entry! :four_leaf_clover: