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Thursday 5th April 2018


Good Morning All.

Got to work, and everything blown around the site - guess the wind was a bit strong last night!!

Got my phone today, so maybe…


Good Turdsday Mornin ever-y-body! - Good luck, positive vibes to my fellow RWallers in capturing a key today!


Text toys now


Good frozen morning to all. Nothing like those people who put out their recycling bins the night before and with all that wind, I felt like I was walking through a dump this morning with cans and plastics everywhere.

D+W cue was too early for me today, slept in a little. Good luck today and also on the Instagram draw.

Facebook Thursday for you Facebookers…



Good Thursday morning all. Here’s hoping for a RWer key today. Cue to text was early this morning, caught me off guard. Was driving to work and had to pull over. Didn’t have my usual cue to text message set up or anything. I see that one of @Greg co-workers got a key yesterday. Not sure if he/she is a RWaller or not but nice anyway!


Got the push notification for the call in. Be caller 15 to 623-750-1061 (April 5th, 2018) starting at 3:30 pm for your chance at a key! Good luck!


Yup got it too this time…


Cue to text before NOON today


Oh, thanks @Drewdles. I missed that.


Cue tot text is now!!!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.


Winner was Jim


Congrats Jim, whomever, wherever you may be!


Instagram winner was:


Reminder time to CALL is in about 15 mins…


Text TOYS now though!


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!


Sigh no luck with either ;(


Cue to text winner was John… Caller 15 winner was Don Dillan…

Better luck tomorrow RW’ers… I am pretty busy tomorrow so unlikely to catch most of the cue’s, so good luck with your extra .0000001% advantage with me likely missing them.


No luck with either one for me either…:frowning_face: