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Thursday 7th June 2018


Good Morning All.

back to the grind…


Good Thursday Mornin Gang!


Morning everyone.Off tomorrow, so TGIMF (Thank God It’s My Friday)!


Good afternoon gang! A few real busy days at work with two guys away…

So the place that showed stock on the spare washer part (Reliable Parts), contacted me to tell me their system was wrong and they can’t get another… So frustrating… Found a place in Laval that says they had one, I asked them to double check. Now just hoping it doesn’t take too long to arrive and hope it fixes the issue… Off to the parents to do laundry tonight in the meantime and then up to the cottage in the morning, unfortunately unlike @mikey2shoes I still have to work, but can work online from there…

Lawn is doing well with all the rain…

Don’t forget to vote today!!!