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Thursday July 12th, 2018


Well good Turdsday morning all. Another warm one. Love it but man does my lawn need some rain. I’ve been watering it but I just can’t keep up, too much lawn, not enough time (and I don’t want to risk running my well dry). It seems like I’m either watering the grass, topping up the pool, or have laundry on.
@Drewdles sorry to hear about your ongoing water issues. It’s starting to sound like the movie Waterworld over there.
@Hummer glad to hear that GVF and Foo Fighters were so awesome.


Good day… @mikey2shoes You confuse me, you post under RADIO, other’s post under RADIO CODES. Have to hunt or the posts, lol…
I gave up watering the lawn and garden, just water my flower pots with peppers and stuff now…


@Drewdles Yeah. Not sure what happened there. Posting from my phone. Layout looks different from laptop view. Posted under Radio/Codes category first but it didn’t show up in the usual spot (I had to hunt for my post) so I switched it to the Radio category and then it looked like it was where I expected it to be. I knew it wasn’t the right category but I was confused and gave up. :confused: