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Thursday May 17th. 2018


Good Turdsday Mornin Gang! Another beautiful sun shining day!


Good morning, sun is shining…

Got a Chez marketing email about Nostalgia Music Fest, all renound tribute bands… sounds interesting.

Anyone watching the NHL playoffs still, such good series/hockey… and of course Vegas’ opening shows at the games.


Good Day All.

Missed a couple of days, preparing for my trip to Korea. Leaving Ottawa at 6:30 Saturday morning.

Will try an log in from there, but have had issues in the past.


@Drewdles - I’m watching both series and it is great hockey, and also all Blue Jay games!


Happy Thursday all. “One more day! One more day! One more day!”, then it’s May 24 time :smiley:. @Hepi, I guess that’s not a thing in Korea, sorry. Just checked the top South Korean beers on Number one on the list is something called “Throat Punch” by The Booth brewing co. Interesting name and I would think maybe more of a cold weather beer. Seems that there is a thriving craft beer community there. Anyhow, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding a pint or two while you’re there. How long do you think you’ll be over there?
@Drewdles, trying to watch the west series for sure, but late games are making it tough.


@mikey2shoes - probably there a week. I am at a site in the South of South Korea - near Jeongeup. Apparently good food and beer around there.


@Hepi, Korean food, one of my brother-in-laws has a food blog and Korean is his latest passion (well, that and Japanese kitchen knives).