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Thursday Oct.11th. 2018


Good Turdsday Mornin Guyz’n Galz.


Happy Post Hump Day (otherwise known as Thursday).
Fingers crossed that someone here gets a Vegas callback.


Good morning. Text now! - VEGAS to 762555.
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebearstrong text


@Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @nursehilda @carebear @Bustyb TXT VEGAS to 762555 now!


So after all this trying to text, I figured I should look at what dates the prize is for… Unfortunately it overlaps with something else, so I couldn’t go anyhow, sigh…


@Drewdles - That sucks! Perhaps you can win for a family member?


Not sure how transferable the wins are, but most of my family wouldn’t be interested in Vegas or Metallica, lol…


@Drewdles perhaps @Hummer was referring to your Radiowall family…:grin:


Hehe @mikey2shoes. On the bright side, you have one less person trying to win, so your odds have improved .000000001% now…


. Text now! - VEGAS to 762555.
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


Quick again @Drewdles. Pretty good considering you don’t even have a horse in this race any more…thanks for continuing to post for us!


Not even sure I can do the Majic one if I win that, but entering still until I know for sure…


I believe in karma and pay it forward :wink: Not that it has helped me win or qualify for anything chez yet…


@Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @nursehilda @carebear @Bustyb TXT VEGAS to 762555 now!


Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


Ha. @Drewdles, Every .000000001% helps. :wink: