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Thursday Oct.25th. 2018


Good Thursday Mornin R-Wallers. A tad nippy out there this morning…had to crank up the heat in the car…brrr!

@Drewdles - With regards to your question yesterday about the startup of Radiowall, Greg will certainly let you know as to how/why. I’m sure it was definitely because of the large interest in Radio contests with the various radio stations in Ottawa, so what better way than to create a sort of one stop shop to obtain contest code/words. I joined in 2005 I believe, and have been blogging ever since as well as moderating the blog. I’ve banned quite a few people over the years…spammers, verbal abusers et al. Lottsa fun here, when we had large membership, we had frequent Meet & Greets around the city, so please tell your friends, co-workers about us…the more the merrier.


@Drewdles-@mikey2shoes - I missed yesterday morning’s first cue to txt because I had lowered the volume on my PC…DOH!


Ha. @Hummer at least you have the excuse that the volume was down. When I miss them (times when I’m at my desk and should have heard), the volume is up but I just zone out and stop actually hearing the radio. Or I forget to switch back to or from Chez/Majic…
Oh also, good Thursday morning all!


Official Cue!

Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


TXT VEGAS to 762555 now! @Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @nursehilda @carebear @Bustyb Good luck everyone!


@hummer, sorry about texting “Vegas” to you instead of “Time to text”. At least I didn’t send “Time to text” to Chez…lol
Oh well, only a few more to go, then I can stop spamming your phone with texts.


@mikey2shoes - No worries bro…keep on keepin on!


Good morning all. @hummer Thanks for the bit of background… I guess back in the day all the stations had their “clubs” with daily words for points, etc, so it was likely much more popular back then, but it looks like some of them like Majic are trying to bring a bit of that back… It always sucks when you get one loser in a group and have to ban them…

As much as I love the contests, it is always a nice break when they are done and can focus on a bit more stress free normal life again… It sucks I can’t win this one, but there will be many more I am sure in the years to come…

@mikey2shoes I have missed a few listening too, buried in work, or the codewords, getting it then getting distracted and forgetting it… Or the worst, people coming into my office as they are about to announce it and missing it…

Good luck in the final couple of days… I might be working from the cottage tomorrow so we can get the boat out, etc, so might not be listening as much…


I’m off tomorrow and will likely be doing yardwork most of the day. I’ll be using the lawn tractor and leaf blower, and my “outdoors radio” doesn’t pick up Majic very well, so I likely will miss most of the cues 'n codes too…


Official Cue!

Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


Looks like I just missed final cue for today. Cosmo said it happened a short time ago but hasn’t picked a winner. Have a great night all and @mikey2shoes enjoy your day off.