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Thursday Sept.13th. 2018


Good mornin Dudes!


Good Morning All.


TXT 762555 now!


Saw your post just in time! Thanks @Hummer! Also, good Thursday morning all.


missed it by a minute or so. Damn


Good morning all… Sorry been so busy this summer with work and stuff haven’t kept up with the wall…

We finally have the basement all fixed up after that pipe leak and are slowly getting everything rearranged down there…

Bell Canada finally put down some sod where they had dug up, did a lousy job and I don’t think they are watering it all too well…

Have yet to take any vacation this year, need to use it up soon! A trip to Vegas would be a good start!


TXT 762555 now!


What @Hummer said. @Drewdles It’s time to text.


Missed it, been following the Karlsson rumours on TSN, BREAKING: he has been traded to San Jose…


TXT VEGAS to 762555 now!