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Thursday Sept.20th. 2018


Good Thursday Mornin Dudes’n Dudettes


Good Morning < how are things


@carebear - Things are good…but would be better if one of us here wins the Vegas trip!


how do you do that


@carebear - Three times a day, when you hear the cue to TXT Vegas to 762555, will get your name in for a draw Monday mornings to win two tickets to Vegas. The cue to TXT happens during the Doc & Woody show, then again with Robin Harper, and lastly with Cosmo drive home show. One of us here, will post when it’s time to TXT Vegas 762555. This is for CHEZ106.


@Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @carebear TXT VEGAS to 762555 now! Oh, and @nursehilda and @carebear too.


TXT now @mikey2shoes @Hummer @Hepi @Greg


Txt now @mikey2shoes @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @carebear @nursehilda


Cue to text coming up in “a while” lol…


Txt now! @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @carebear @nursehilda


@Drewdles @Hummer @Hepi @Greg @carebear TXT VEGAS to 762555 now!


Can’t believe no one on the wall has had any luck yet…


Yeah… my wife got on the short list for last Monday’s draw, but didn’t get the call.