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Toosday 13th March 2018


Good Morning All.

OK, so if a black cat runs across the road in front of you, is that good or bad luck, given that it is the 13th as well?

Could be scary or really good…



Good Morning Radiowallers…The snow does not seem to want to stop. It feels like a long winter. Hopefully spring is soon or better still time for another vacation.
@Hepi…if you are in Scotland, a black cat crossing your path is considered good luck. Have a good day all.


So what would you say today about the weather…



Very tired of all the snow, think I am going to leave the shovel in retirement and hope we get lots of warm weather soon…


Good Tuesday morning everyone! What a beautiful white winter wonderland to wake up to today!.. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::smiley::smiley:
Hey, WTF? Who hijacked my keyboard, and what the heck did they write? :grimacing::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


Has the Cue to Text happened yet?


No queue yet.


@snowwhite I don’t think so but I’m not sure. I heard what thought was just a promo but I keep missing the cues lately, so I don’t know if I would rely on me… :thinking:
Ah, there. Thanks for the confirmation @Drewdles


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi, this means you.


Text nowwwwww


Did the second cue to text already play.


I hope not. I’ve been away from the radio for a while…:worried:
Work keeps getting in the way of Toys 19. :roll_eyes:


I’ve been listening on an off, not that I have heard though…


Robin just said we haven’t missed the cue…


He just said the cue is less than 4 songs away


Hmm, that was 4 songs… and now he says less than 6 minutes away… 7" single version of Bang-a-gong has a run time of 3:43… so, another song to follow this, or maybe a bunch of commercials? Robin always does tend to under estimate when things are going to happen…


Commercials it is :wink:


Heads up @Hepi. Cue is coming any time.


Hmm, didn’t see that coming.


Well since there was a Dodge RAM commercial in there, they couldn’t really promote Toys19 with the Ford F150 right after, so they are hoping people will forget about the commercial with an extra song lol…