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Toosday 13th March 2018


Text TOYS to 762555 NOW


true enough


@Hepi, good news, bad news about the black cat…

The bad news: A black cat crossing your path in Ireland is definitely bad luck.

The good news: Drinking copious amounts of Guinness is believed by some (me) to counteract the bad luck incurred by having a black cat cross your path.

The better news: You are in Ireland, so you are never far away from your next pint of Guinness.


@mikey2shoes - Thanks, that makes me feel so much better - I can drink with confidence!!! LOL

Maybe it was lucky for the cat - I missed him!!! - I would not have hit him whatever…


Somehow I feel that you don’t need my help to drink with confidence… :wink:
BTW do you have notifications turned on? Am I helping by sending you a @Hepi shoutout for each Cue to call? Or am I just wasting bandwidth?.. inquiring minds want to know…


@mikey2shoes - great help, I managed to get several text’s in the last two days. Thanks.

Yes - I do have notifications turned on, both my phone and my computer when they come in.


Alright then, I will carry on.



@mikey2shoes - Thanks you Sir


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi, this means you.


@mikey2shoes - Perfect thank you


Or maybe not? Did anyone else heartbeat cue to text?


Pretty sure it was the cue that I heard. Was driving and wife’s phone rang at the same time as I thought I heard the cue. Her phone ringing followed buy her answering it and also no corroborating posts here is making me second guess what I heard. Oh well, need to deal with the snow on the laneway before heading out to The Oak for a lucky friend’s retirement party. Might have a Guinness just cause I’ve been talking about it all day. :grinning:


Sorry I also heard the cue when you indicated it so didn’t want to repeat. Sorry and then I got busy!


@kellyka no worries. I was pretty sure I heard it and I didn’t want to ask my wife to be quiet so I could listen and make sure…lol. I had already texted before I started doubting myself, so it didn’t really matter one way or the other. Thanks for confirming it though. :slightly_smiling_face: