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Toosday 1st May 2018


Good Morning All

Hope one of us gets a call this morning!!


Good Toozeday mornin gang! Back after a 4 day weekend which was great…but workin for a living sucks! Hopefully an RWaller gets a key today…if not on Friday!


Agreed with @hepi @hummer hopefully one of us non-qualifiers wins either the weekly draw key today or that we can all make it out Friday to get our names in for the last chance…

Kind of nice knowing this morning when alarm went off I could hit snooze without worrying about missing a C2T however…


Morning all. Yes, a RWaller key win would be nice. @Drewdles I agree that it is a relief to not have to worry about missing all the different T19 entry methods, a little bitter sweet though. @Drewdles thanks for the Fleetwood Mac ticket pricing update.


I think next year I am going to sign up for a pay & go 2nd phone for the two months of T4B, so I can text double time lol…


Crank-it up! GVF - aka Greta Van Fleet who will be opening for the Foofighters at the Bluesfest, in which I will be there rockin the night away!


@hummer Will be even better if your Bluesfest pick for the free pass is for that day!


@Drewdles - Indeed it would be great…or at least for one of the two free passes. 65 days until Blesfest…Can’t wait!