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Toosday 20th March 2018


Good Morning All


you say good morning… i’m sad to say that i’m just crawling into bed as i type this…


Good Toozeday mornin gang! Happy First day of Spring!


Good morning everyone :blush: Just waking up I was out late. Have I missed the Cue to Text?


@Kellyka As far as I know…Not yet!


@Hummer Thanks had my first “acting” job last night as a background actor for a made for t.v. movie LOL It wrapped up midnight in Chelsea! Good luck everyone today!


Good morning all. Haven’t heard the cue yet either but I’ve only been able to listen off and on so far.
@kellyka very cool about the acting job. Even if it was, as you said “just a background actor”, it would still be interesting and fun to be involved the process.


@Kellyka - Would it be a PG or R rated film you acted in?:smile:


@Hummer I actually laughed out loud when I saw your post. Office mates giving me strange looks. Lol


Bahaha youll have to wait until the release … but “made for TV” may give you a clue :rofl::rofl:


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi this is your cue to text.


thanks @mikey2shoes

However, today I have a problem - my phone has gone AWOL - no f*&king clue where I left it.

Ah well… :frowning:


Good morning all, figures I get up early, and there is no queue, and when there was, I got interrupted and only got a few texts in.

@kellyka is this the same movie or another one? Whenever I think of Chelsea I only ever think of Spa Nordik :wink:


@Hepi That would make texting a bit more challenging. I hope you find your phone, and that missplacing it was at least as a result of having too much fun.


That’s not if we were down the road from the Nordic spa the movie was “Blind at 17”


@Kellyka - Made for TV? sigh! - I was hopin to see ya acting in yer bikini or that sexy negligee!:star_struck:


@mikey2shoes - If having breakfast is too much fun, then I am all in!!!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi If you found your phone, this is your cue to text.


False alarm. Sorry, I gotta find a better way to have my cue to text messages pre loaded.


@Hepi if breakfast includes plenty of mimosas, it could be too much fun. :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink::tropical_drink: