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Toosday 20th March 2018


@mikey2shoes - If only…


Cue to text before 1:00 according to Robin


So that means 12:59 and 58 seconds?


Likely, give or take a few seconds…lol


Should be next 10 minutes as he said don’t go anywhere in the next ten minutes if I were you.


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi If you found your phone, this is your cue to text.


Dang you are fast!


@mikey2shoes - no phone - must be back at the cottage - I hope…


I have the message ready to go, so I just have to hit reply when I hear the cue. Working on my phone though, so sometimes I hit reply accidentally which is what happened a couple of hours ago. I’m not doing it to be first though, it’s just that I’m really slow on my phone and don’t want to waste valuable “texting time”. I’ve been premature a couple of times now though so I need to figure out a safer system.


@mikey2shoes - Nothin worse than bein premature…girlz don’t like that! _Rotflmao!_


I worded it that way just for you @Hummer. Knew you’d get a kick out of it…lol


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi If you’ve made your way back to your cottage and found your phone, this is your cue to text.


Congrats to Stephanie Williams, latest key winner…