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Toosday 27th Marck 2018


Good Morning All.

Really looking forward to getting home on Friday. This has been a long trip.


Good Toozeday mornin gang! - Hopefully one of us here will score a key today!


Good Morning Radiowallers…Have been extremely busy lately…finally delivered my income tax and now hopefully I will not have to pay anything more. Dealing with back pain lately, the dampness in the weather is not helping. Spring seems late this year…long for hot summer days. Good luck on a key and hoping you win.


Good morning. Sick with a cold and have virtually no voice, so kind of hoping I don’t win a key today as I don’t think they would be able to hear me over the phone. Good luck everyone!


@Drewdles - Gargle with some Jack Daniels…that’ll cure that cold…lol! Get well soon!


Good Morning everyone. Good luck today getting a key! Beautiful sunny day. Spring weather is on its way!!


Text TOYS to 762555 now.
@Hepi it’s time to text.


Well that caught me off guard, was writing this post when the cue came through…lol

Morning fellow Radiowallers. Here’s hoping for a Radiowaller key today.
@Hepi A long trip indeed, I was starting to think that you had decided to stay there.
@snowwhite I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and the snow to be gone. People keep telling me it’s supposed to be a cold April though…
@Hummer , good idea about the JD for @Drewdles.


TXT In the next 10 minutes according to Harper!


OK I really am sick, lol. Sitting right next to the radio at work, and heard him talking about txting when hear the song, but totally missed the 10 minute warning…


Haa, I’m sitting here listening and totally missed it too…lol and I’m not even sick…glad I checked on the RWall site just now.


text now good luck :v:


TXT NOW @mikey2shoes


TXT NOW @hepi


Winner was Crystal (Krystal)


I left my phone for 10 minutes, and missed it all. Rats!!


@hepi I’m starting to see a pattern with you and your phone… misplaced it last week, put it down and missed the cue today… might I suggest it might be prudent for you to keep it on your person at all times :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (although, depending on what exactly your line of work is, I’m guessing that might not be possible)…can’t remember for sure, but I somehow feel that you might have mentioned a long time ago that it had something to do with particle accelerators?


I do that with my phone when I’m having beers, lol…


text now @hepi @mikey2shoes


What @Drewdles just said…lol