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Toosday 3rd April 2018


Good Morning All.

Back in the frame today - so lets do this and get a winner…

Thanks for all the help while I was away!!


Good Toozeday Mornin Gang! Good luck to one and all.


Good morning. Glad to see everyone back in the groove today.

Was an exciting hockey game last night against Winnipeg. Hopefully next season will be a better one for the boys…


Good morning all. Glad it’s already Tuesday! Sorry you had to work yesterday @Drewdles. Here’s hoping for another RadioWaller key this week.
Too bad you got screwed out of your key yesterday @Hummer. If the history in your phone managed to capture the incoming call and time from Chez, maybe you could complain to them? I don’t imagine you would get anywhere with them though.


I thought they had 24 hrs to contact you? They could have tried calling back. Hopefully you;ll get another shot!


Still no cue to text yet this morning, or did I miss it?


@mikey2shoes - I think the C2T happened around 7:50a.m. - I believe CHEZ picks another TXT. person if they can not leave a voicemail msg. and apparently that occurred to me yesterday. Still sucks.


I don’t think the cue was around 7:50, was listening since 7:30pm diligently…


I was listening as well and didn’t notice it either. My radio was turned down pretty quiet though, so I could have missed it.
@Hummer that does suck. It also changes my phone charging habits. I’ve always made a point of trying to let my battery go down to almost zero before charging it (old ni-cad habit). I guess I’ll be making sure it’s always got plenty of juice now (at least until the contest is over)…


Hey guyz…just checked the time stamp on my cell from this morning, and I texted from 7:53 to 7:58 a.m. btw… I’ve sent an email to Jenna McQueen & Bob Radmore - Chez prom directors and asked them to look into my situation from yesterday afternoon’s texting fiasco.


Less than 3 songs away!


less than 3 song away


@hummer, sheesh no idea how I could have missed it, had my headphones in going downtown on the bus… sigh…


@Hummer I was just about to post that the cue was coming soon too but saw you were about to post and guessed your post was going to be about the cue. It will be interesting to see what Chez says/does about your situation yesterday. I could understand them moving on if it was an invalid phone number or something but it wasn’t and couldn’t be since they would be calling back the number that texted them.


time to text…good luck


Text TOYS to 762555 now.


got a call back. yahoo won a key


There we go, 3 weeks, 3 RW winners… By the end we will all hopefully qualify… Congrats!


Well done @haw! As @Drewdles said, another week, another RWer key!


Thanks…and good luck