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Toozday 12th June 2018


Good Morning All

A nip in the air again this morning, but it will soon be replaced with hot!!


Good Toozeday mornin gang! Bring on the heat!


Yup finally a HOT one again! Enjoy your patio beers!


Good morning all and happy Tuesday. Spend a few hours on the patio at Mill Street pub last evening. Tried a new Mill St. beer called Hopped and Confused. A hoppy yet not bitter offering. Very interesting beer in that you smell and taste the hopps, then wait for the bitterness to hit but it just doesn’t.


@mikey2shoes - Once, I had about 10 of those beers and I felt dazed and confused! :rofl:


But, did you find your stairway to heaven?


@Hepi - I did indeed find the stairway to heaven…but for some reason, never made it to the top!:grinning:


Good Morning Gang

Just dropping in for one last tyme.
I want to say a great BIG thanks to all the FRYNDS on RW…So many but a big Hug to SnowWhite, Pharmer Phil, Rebel, Mr Red, BIG H & HEPI. Many special tymes, concerts and blogger parties and even a T4B night.

My wife and I are retiring and leaving the Ottawa area. Relocating as far west and south as we can afford…WINDSOR Ontario. We have sold the little donkey ranch and will settle into a suburban house. New tymes, new adventures and a lot of opportunities for concerts …Just imagine Chicago is only a 3 hour drive away!!!

Please allow me one last SOTD




Best wishes to you and your wife in your new adventure. We will miss you.


@S2 - Missed ya BigTime, especially last T4Boys…maybe we’ll connect at the Bluesfest or some concert down the road! Don’t forget about us and post as many SoTD’s as you want! We all luv Skynyrd. Cheers Bro!