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Toozday 19th jue 2018


Good Morning All

Bit cooler and breezy this morning, but still going to be a nice day!!!

The hardest thing on a washing machine to replace is the rubber door seal. You need about 8 hands all of which are fully dextrous (if that is a word!!)


Good Toozeday Mornin Gang!


Good Tuesday morning all. Day off today. Relaxing, catching up on a bit of gardening and then heading out for dinner and one of my daughter’s convocation. Four years of university and three years of college are finally done.


@hepi I think the pump was pretty, maybe just didn’t know how to get at it properly, but was covered in grease by the time I was done!

@mikey2shoes Yay to the end of schooling!


@mikey2shoes Congrats to your daughter. After 7 years of post secondary schooling what is she graduating from? What will she be doing? I’ve had some friends and family of friends who kept going back to school due to not knowing what they wanted to do in life. It was a running joke that they were professional students.


@Hugger1 she did an undergrad in Human Kinetics at UOttawa which actually took her 4.5 years because she was coaching competitive hockey at the same time. Then she used the HK undergrad to get into a 3 year program in Respiratory Therapy at Algonquin College. The funny thing is that when she signed up for the RT program she thought it was going to be a breeze compared to university. She found out fairly quickly that it was in fact much more difficult and time consuming. Almost everyone in her class already had a university degree and yet the class went from 41 students in first year down to aroud 13 of the originals graduating in third year. (They also picked up a few who were a year ahead of them but had failed and needed to redo some courses). They all still have to write a national board exam coming up in July but she is already working at CHEO!


@mikey2shoes That is great, my girlfriends youngest son completed his RT course about 3 years ago. He had to do his placement in Kingston which was brutal as they don’t pay for that and he had to pay for a place to stay. One of the unlucky ones (I hear it is all random, most are in Ottawa)… But yes, it is a very tough course. My girlfriends son had a bit of trouble trying to find a job for the first couple of years, despite great references, but he is now happily working in the Toronto suburbs… I think eventually he wants to upgrade to an anesthesiologists assistant. Patience pays off!


@Drewdles, funny how small the world is. Didn’t think many would even know what an RT was let alone know one. I was totally surprised to hear one of your girlfriend’s kids is an RT. Glad to hear he found work. Until my daughter got her job, we were pretty worried that she might not find a job. The dreaded Kingston placement was a major issue in her class. She lucked out and got to stay in Ottawa but there were tears and at least one student said they would be forced to drop out if they got Kingston (student was married with a baby on the way and a mortgage). My daughter was briefly thinking about pursuing the anaesthesia assistant program but that was when they first found out about it in 1st or 2nd year. Now that she has graduated, with a rather large debt and a job in hand, I think she is planning sticking with it as an RT. She has mentioned that she might consider switching to teaching the RT program at Algonquin at some point. (She tutored off and on throughout highschool and college, and did enjoy it).