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Toozday 24th April 2018


Good Morning All.


Good Toozeday Mornin gang! - Good to be back after a 4 day log weekend…gorgeous weather continues…gotta luv it! Good luck to everyone in obtaining a key.


Good morning all. Another gorgeous day outside. Still trying to get our ofice to build a rooftop patio so wecan work outside, no luck with that yet…

Good luck today in your hunt for a key… We are overdue for a RW winner! I might even have to sign up for Facebook on Thursday!!!


Text TOYS now to 762555


Text toys now


Damn - went to make a cup of tea - missed it!!!


Well that was an awkward C2T. I was in the middle of writing my good morning post and had to delete it fast to post the cue to text.

Good Tuesday morning all. Another beautiful day for sure.

@Hummer hope your extended weekend was good , the weather sure was good for it!

@Drewdles I’ve always said that I’ll never have a Facebook account but I did make an Instagram account for the contest…and then found out that facebook owns Instagram…doh! Oh well.

@Hepi, too bad you missed the cue. Every time I have to leave my office I worry I’ll miss the damn thing. To be honest, I’ll be kind of relieved when it’s over.


@hepi @mikey2shoes if you have to get a coffee, bio break, etc, you could always trying streaming on your phone (I do that in the morning now when I am in the shower), you’d miss out on about 30 seconds of texting due to the delay but better than missing it all.


@Drewdles I usually do that when I’m walking from work to my car. If I have to leave my office for a short time I try to do it when a song starts and get back before it’s finished. Ditto for bio breaks as there is no service in there anyway. For, ah, longer bio breaks it’s just a crap shoot… sorry I couldn’t resist. :grin: Coffee breaks are the awkward part because I go with a group of guys and we socialize, so it would be awkward if I was streaming. By awkward I mean they would chirp the crap out of me…cause that’s the way we roll…lol


Anyone notice the app cue to call notifications never happen on a Monday or Tuesday?


Got an app notification… Caller 15 starting at 4:30pm Apr 24th for a Key!


Yup I just got it too, so, so much for it never happening on a Monday or Tuesday lol…


Robin said he wouldn’t go anywhere for the next two songs if you are looking for a key…


Cue to text is NOW!!! @mikey2shoes @Hepi


My texts all got clogged up, had a whack in a row, with no response, and now all the responses are flooding back in to my phone, hoping they got through. Not sure if their system is overloaded, my old blackberry is overloaded or something with Telus…


Key winner was a female… ‘nameless’ was at work and showed no emotion…


good Luck to all for caller 15 today at 430


Cue to txt is NOW!


15 minute warning to the cue to CALL


Well after 8 weeks of trying I can confirm, that they actually do answer their phones, was caller #8… 15 would have been preferred, but at least I know they are doing it as they should… Better luck tomorrow folks…