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Tuesday 29th May 2018


Good Morning All.

Sort of back in the time zone today.


Good Toozeday mornin gang! - Another gorgeous day…too nice to be working!


Good morning all. Spent yesterday evening fighting off another round of dandelions in the back yard…


@Drewdles That is a never ending battle it does not seem possible to win, whatever solution you try!!!


Good morning all.
@Hepi glad to hear you made it back ok and are starting to overcome the jetlag.
@Hummer, definitely too nice to be at work but since I didn’t win the Lotto Max last Friday…
@Drewdles, I tried fighting the dandelions for a few years but unless all the neighbors are on the same page it is hopeless, so I eventually gave up. On the bright side, in the heat of the summer dandelions are more drought resistant than grass…:wink:


@hepi @mikey2shoes I am not giving up my fight… I am very stubborn and will fight to the end with the dandelions… Worst thing the city ever did though was ban that pesticide, same with tick pesticide, etc… It never hurt us as kids and we played outdoors a heck of a lot more than todays generation!


@Drewdles - I agree…should never have banned the pesticide…as a kid I was always rollin in the grass and fields and never had any side effects…yet my grandson just last week, got a tick…now he’s on antibiotics!!
btw…I remove dandelions as soon as snow is gone…usually April…then I fertilize with Scott’s Turf Builder, followed by 3 sprayings of my beer & soap mixture and I have no dandelions!


@Hummer - What you are really saying is that you get the dandelions drunk so they can’t grow!!!


@Hepi - You are absolutely correct! - Note: Beer stunted my growth!:rofl:


Yup, Lyme disease to me is a lot worse than some insecticide…