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Tuesday January 8, 2019


Hey all… Hope everyone is doing well so far in 2019…

KISS Ottawa is giving away two trips to Sandals in Jamaica I think it is, one this week, one next week. You just have to listen and send a text to join the conversation when they say to enter…



Think I just heard the cue to text.

Thanks for posting this contest @drewdles. Saw your post, switched to Kiss and heard the cue about 15min later!



I only got my first entry just now, been too busy… And likely not going to get to listen at all next week ;(


Good Toozeday mornin gang! - btw…what is the text number? and what word(s) do you text?


31053 is the TXT number. They say something like what is something you fixed and are proud of or what is a vacation nightmare you had, etc. Each show has different questions. Not really a timeframe or codeword contest.


@Drewdles - So, in essence, I need to be listening at the time the DJ poses the question?..sigh!


Just listen you’ll get how it works. They sort of run a question for an hour an air responses.

Also just read FlyFM in Kingston has a codeword contest for trips too, you’d have to stream it, I am guessing their website explains it better. Don’t have much chance to listen to radio this week unfortunately…