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Tuesday June 11, 2019

Big lotto draw tonight, 65 million, not sure if that is more exciting than the Raptors or not? Hoping they can win one of the next two. And cheering for St. Louis in the NHL since they have never won a cup…

Crappy weather has returned, sigh…

ps. 11am Pure Country word for @mikey2shoes is DIRT

@Greg Not sure if it is just me, but when I post it kind of just hangs for a few minutes and after a few minutes I can try going to radiowall again and it works…

Thanks for the Pure Country code @Drewdles. I was listening and even put my headphones on just before 11 and somehow still got distracted. Missed the word but heard the “enter the code word…” part…lol.
My sister’s cottage is just a bit north of Westport.
I fell asleep in the 4th quarter. Woke up with the news on…lol

BTW @Drewdles and @Greg I didn’t seem to have any issues posting, although I am using my phone, so no firewalls and such to slow me down.

Hi Guys, Hepi here at last. Sorry for not posting for a while now.

Big News - On Friday, I am moving to Thailand to live and work there. I have been working there for the last few months, and have now got a Condo and have a girlfriend there. We are planning our future together.

I will still keep posting when I can log in, but I want to say thanks to all for your friendship over the last few years.



I will look into this tonight when I get. Thanks for letting me know.

Well holy crap. I didn’t see that coming @Hepi. First Doc & Woody leaving and now this! Hope everything works out well and you enjoy your next chapter in Thailand. Cheers @Hepi!

@Hepi Best of luck overseas. Planning to live forever over there, or come back eventually? Thanks for being an integral part of the radiowall…. Will be hard to win Toys21 now though, lol…