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Tuesday March 12


Good morning - TEXT CHEZ NOW


Now the weekly draw entry thing is messed up again ugh


Awfully quiet here today … good luck everyone getting a key :ok_hand:


Online entry working again so thats good


Good morning all. Wow that was an early cue. Oh well, thanks @kellyka.


Good morning. I have been getting up at 6am to listen but am fighting off a cold or flu I just caught so decided to just hitnooze I stead hoping it wouldn’t be asuper early cue. As expected luck was not on my side. I have now missed two cue’s in a row :(. Oh well, all it takes in o e to get in and there are lots more to come. Goodluck everyone and thx @kellyka for getting g up early to let us know we missed it.

Hopefully everyone got rid of the mess at the end of their driveways that the snowplows nicely left yesterday before it froze. Didn’t expect them to come by and plow the slush.


Thank for the cue early this morning @kellyka good luck to everyone today


new work truck doesn’t have a radio… going to be relying on you guys for the next little while


@oh34rn Is there wiring for one, wonder if you can pick an old used one up somewhere? If not, maybe one of those Dewalt ones or something… We will do our best to keep you updated though… Tell them you need a radio to remain sane driving around all day :wink:


Not able to listen right now


Text toys now


@haw I think you are mistaken, TJ just said key coming up very soon.


might have mis heard the que to text just heard him say it was coming up sorry


Lol ok I texted keep us posted haha


It’s all good that means another chance lol


Said it’ll be before 2. Nothing yet


Cue in 12 mins or less…


he just said within the next 12 min…really!!! lol


Text now @Hepi @Drewdles @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07 Good luck everyone!


time to text now