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Tuesday March 12


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Text now that was the cue


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Chez told me they were looking into the Instagram photobooth issues @ Guildcrest, but haven’t heard anything more, but they did give the key away, sigh… Had yet another person msg last night on INstagram that they didn’t get their photo either. Hoping they figure it out, and lesson learned, I am taking TWO photos next time and not leaving until I get one of them!
March 9 (Instagram): Jessica Roddick


Thanks @Drewdles


also a reminder that the push notification sent yesterday…be caller 15 at 6:30 pm on March 12. call 613-750-1061


Weird…I didn’t get a push notification this time…


Push notification was around 6pm last night I believe for tonight’s cue to call… Wonder if it is tied into the same system at their Instagram photo booth txt’ing…


@Drewdles that sucks about the Instagram draw.
It seems that Chez has issues of one sort or another every year with this contest. I get that they are trying to provide many different methods for entering but it is frustrating when an entry method works for some and not for others.


mikey2shoes…you are correct it is very frustrating. I understand what they are trying to do, but it has to be fair to everyone who tried to qualify…I put my trust that they knew what they were doing…live and learn.


I appreciate that they are trying to cater to all listeners with all the methods of qualifying, and that is great. But if someone brings up an issue, you think they would delay on drawing until they can fix it so all have a fair chance… Or at least admit there were issues, and that they have been resolved for next time, etc, and their apologies… But life is not fair, and having a chance at most of the qualifying chances is better than none at all…


Good Afternoon Radiowallers…Sorry I have not commented but was in emergency last night due to bronchial being clocked that I ended up choking. Have been dealing with this for 7 days now. Yes I agree it should be fair to all. I still cannot enter the contest as this same message comes up:

You can enter again starting 3/18/2019 @ 6:00 AM

Your entry has been received!

I guess this wont be fixed after all.


@snowwhite click logout in the bottom of the box that gives you your next entry chance. It reset it for me when i did that.


Omg snowhite. I hope for a speedy recovery. With the entry situation. U need to contact chez. They maybe able to reset at their source.


@snowwhite Get better soon. If the logout trick doesn’t work you might need to clear your history and cache (I did), or try a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome…


Text now @burt @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @cato07


text now @chesne @Sandman


@Drewdles…Many thanks for the fix. If left up to Chex it would not happen. Missed enough already. Thanks also for the cue. Still dealing with notification problems. It gets worse every year.


Thank you! Best of luck all!