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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Morning Radiowallers…Got hit with a real bad flu and just starting to recover. Wishing all luck in getting a key. Rock On!


Good Toozeday Mornin gang! Good luck to one and all! @snowwhite - Get well soon!


Get well snowwhite (met you with my sister who had a key in a previous party). I’ve been the same. Sue


Text chez now everyone


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


TXT now @Sandman @chesne


TJ the dj say within the next 30 min will be the next cue to text


Text chez now!


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


txt now @Sandman @chesne


Happy Tuesday everyone. I missed both cues this morning by a few minutes. Hopefully I have better luck with Cosmo this afternoon.


I always say, it only takes one chance to get in, so missing a few isn’t the end of the world… At least you are making it to all the remotes which is your best chance…


@Drewdles, yep this year it’s a more relaxed and laid back contest for me. The only time I got a key it was through a remote draw (Mark Motors on Hunt Club). I got my ballot in just a few minutes before the draw.
I think the only two remotes I’ll miss this year are the Cash for Trash one (over 40km out of my way on my commute home) and one of the Import Car Centre ones (will be in Florida).


I am willing to commute 25 min out of my way if it means winning a key. It helps if you finish at 2:30 everyday so you avoid most of the traffic. It’s coming back, I might be worried about lol


@mikey2shoes Guildcrest was 71.7km for us :wink: (each way)


@Drewdles, Guildcrest was on a Saturday though. I’m willing to go pretty much as far as it takes for a weekend remote, especially if it is somewhere relatively isolated. I figure the more effort to get there, the less people will show up… The problem with the cash for trash location is that it is pretty close to both Stittsville and even Kanata, which means potential for a lot of ballots in the box. For me it’s a balance of effort vs odds, and the effort vs odds just don’t work out in my favour for that one. Also, I just recalculated how far I’d be going. Swinging by Cash for Trash after work would add just over 50km to my usual 25km commute, and that would be during rush hour too. :persevere:


@thebuzz, I agree. 25 min extra is not too bad but this one would likely add at least an hour to an hour and a half to my commute since I don’t finish work until 3:30…


:pager: ** Chez app notification 2:30pm March 20th, be caller 15. :calling::calling::calling::calling::phone::phone::telephone_receiver::telephone_receiver:


Text now @Hepi @mikey2shoes @nursehilda @snowwhite @Greg @kellyka @haw @oh34rn @Burt @cato07


TXT now @Sandman @chesne @thebuzz