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Tuesday May 14th. 2019 Toys 20 Party


Happy Toozeday Gang! Good Luck to everyone tonight at the Toys 20 partay!



Good luck to all who won a key. Fingers crossed a radiowaller gets the big prize tonight


Thanks, good luck to us!


Good luck all! Have fun even if you don’t win!


@Radiowallers… Come down and see Hummet at the Overflow Brewing Company. I bombed out, but great band. Enjoed it.


Doc and Woody Leaving see article


@Greg…Wow that was something I did not know.


@Greg @snowwhite I had no Idea either. Had I known, I might have tried to talk to them tonitght.
@snowwhite it was nice meeting you at the party tonight.


You too @mikey2shoes. We should get buttons with our moniker on so we can identify Radiowallers with so many people there.


Wow @Greg. Chez won’t be the same without doc and woody. Girlfriend even got into them this year trying for Toys, she said she really likes the morning show and I notice she often has car radio on chez. Hope everyone had fun!. Hope the beer was good, not sure if I have tried overflow brewing before. Heard this morning the key was 53 or something. Did anyone get to pick? Were they keys, CDs, LPs, how did it work? Did they have food still? And I am not expecting to hear from @hummer after all this was at a brewery lol.

Ps. What will happen to Randall. Obviously Alex will be taking time off already.


@Drewdles basically when you get there, you register at which point you randomly select a lanyard with a numbered tag on it (you also randomly select a two pack of one day Bluesfest passes). The numbered tags determine the order that qualifiers will go up on stage and select a CD from a stack of CDs. The CD is then played and will either play one of a variety of “losing” sound bites or play the winning sound bite.
@Drewdles good question about Randall.