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Tuesday May15th. 2018


Good Toozeday Mornin Gang! - tonights the night hopefully an RWaller wins all the Toys!


Good Luck to all who won a key.


Good Tuesday morning everyone. A bit of a gloomy morning after the stretch of great weather we’ve had. Oh well, it will be a great party tonight and an awesome night for someone. Hope it’s a Radiowaller that wins! Good luck everyone!


Good morning all, checked the weather last night, was no sign of rain, I would love to get paid to be a weather forecaster, always wrong!

Good luck fellow RW’ers tonight… Only ever had the privilege of attending once and that was last year, and it was great (other than I wasn’t the big winner)… I hope you all enjoy yourselves.


@Drewdles agree with you about the weather forecaster gig. About the only other job I can think of where you can be wrong that much and still get paid would be a fortune teller…lol.
I’ve only been to the party once too. That was back when it was at Lonestar. It was fun but we were packed in like sardines and most had to stand all night. Sure wish I was going tonight. Maybe next year. Like you said before, maybe the package will be extra big and good for the 20th anniversary!


@mikey2shoes Did you get to try your key? Last year they used vinyl records in a bookcase and we went up and the winner had one that differed, I think it had a gold label… Luckily I had a chance, was 70 or 80 in the line, but didn’t have the luck to get the winning one. The winner was I think around 130 if I recall.
Can’t win every year, then it wouldn’t be a “fair” contest…
So yup, looking forward to 2019 and the 20 year anniversary for TOYSXX (Toys 20 in roman numerals, sounds better)
It was quite busy at Dooley’s as well. I just walked over from the office, and thought I was going early but there was already a huge lineup. Dooley’s is big so that was a bonus, but not a lot of seats either as it is designed for playing pool with pool tables everywhere. There are a few tables and some chairs… Didn’t feel sardined in though… Spent most of the time close tot he bar…


@Drewdles ya it was around 130, because i was 135 and lined up to go on stage when the confetti started going off! it was a fun night for sure, disappointed i don’t get to attend this year but looking forward to next year!