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Tuesday Oct.16th. 2018


Good Toozeday Mornin gang!


Good morning gang. Good luck today, I am rooting for you!


Good morning all, and thanks for the “winning vibes” @Drewdles.


Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


Thanks @Drewdles, I think I got my text in just in time!


Text now folks


@carebear - R U sure about that?


I know that the only thing I can verify is that I wasn’t listening at that time…


me either…


Robin just said cue before 2pm… but take Carebear’s advice either way, as she has qualified twice, do what you’re told :wink:


Updated my photo to one from Vegas, hopefully it will bring everyone good luck, the SkyJump off the Stratosphere… and yes, I had a few (several) beers before getting the guts to do that!


I texted at 1033 and they said thanks for your entry


Official Cue!

Text now!
Good luck @Hummer @mikey2shoes @Hepi @nursehilda @Greg @Bustyb @carebear


Thanks @Drewdles. Had switched over to Majic for the 1pm word and forgot to switch back to Chez for the C2T…realized and checked the forum right after you posted…doh!




And if you guys want another way to try and win a Dominican trip, Jewel 98.5 has a secret sound contest where you have to be caller something (I think it is #9), identify a secret sound and if correct entered in a draw at the end for a Dominican trip… I tried twice, didn’t get the sound… They run it in the morning at some point, sound between noon and 1pm and another sound from 4-5pm… Details on their website and they sometimes leave hints if people don’t guess it if you scroll down (or at least they list previous guesses)… And FYI they put you on hold and you are actually LIVE on the air, so no cursing!


Thanx for the ongoing heads-up notice to txt guyz’n galz


Text now folks


Cosmo just said cue to text has NOT happened yet.


When I said text now , that’s when I texted and they said thanks for your entry so I don’t know , it seems to work for me but that was 1 hour ago