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Wednesday 11th April 2013


Good Morning All

Maybe today will be lucky for an RWer…


Good Wednesday morning Gang. Happy Hump Day!


Good Luck today and it is Instagram day also i think


Happy Hump Day everyone. Good luck on getting a key today.


Text Toys Now!


Thanks @hummer. Against my better judgement, I was trying to do the Instagram repost when the C2T came. I abandoned the reposting attempt and tried to post the C2T but I had issues on radiowall. I’m sure it cost me a good minute…oh well.


Oh, by the way. The chez Instagram is up (in case you didn’t get the notification yet or figure it out from my last post).


C2T in next 10 minutes!


Thanks @Hummer. I heard him but I missed how long he said it was going to be. I haven’t quite perfected the art of not paying attention to Robin but picking up on important key words, which is surprising considering how long I’ve been married. :grin:


@mikey2shoes - LMAO!


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!


Key winner was Brandon.


@Hummer I’m just glad my wife isn’t on this forum…lol


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone!