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Wednesday 11th July 2018


Good Morning All.

Back in Canada at least for a while…

Big day - England vs Croatia - will be glued to the box this afternoon.

Go England Go


Happy Hump Day all and welcome back @Hepi. Go Three Lions! “It’s coming home.”
I suspect @Hummer will be late on parade today. Hope Greta and Foo were all he hoped they they would be and more. Haven’t heard any comment about Greta yet but heard Foo Fighters were great as usual.


Good day all… Enjoying the bit of cooler air so far today… @hepi I am excited to watch the game too (we toss them up on the tv at the office most every day)…. Was hoping for Belgium yesterday, but hey, their neighbor won, so it isn’t that bad… I know a few of the guys from work are skipping out to catch it at a bar/pub…

@mikey2shoes From what I heard it was a good show and my boss partied it up pretty hard last night, so I am sure @hummer did as well… Glad you got to see GVF…

So slowly making progress on the basement, the drywallers came in yesterday morning… I was watering the plants in the backyard this morning and the water pressure was quite low. I was like, please don’t tell me the pipe is leaking again… Downstairs I go, halfway down the stairs all I hear is water gushing… I’m like oh crap… But I get tot he bottom of the stairs and it’s not coming from the back of the house where the leak was before, but the laundry room. Ohhhh no I thought, my washing machine repair wasn’t so good. But as I creap closer, no water anywhere… I get tot he laundry room and the tap to the sink next to the laundry machine is running about 1/3 to 1/2 way open… So I msg the gf this morning and ask her if she used the sink. She’s like I didn’t even know it worked… So clearly the drywallers used it and how they left with it running is beyond me. Shut it off and told her to file another insurance claim as that is a lot of water running for about 24 hours…


Good after"nooner" mates! - Another gorgeous day outside in the Nations capital. Last night was a blast! Greta Van Fleet were amazing…still can’t believe these guys are 19-20 yr. olds…amazing similarities to Led Zep…and there lead guitarist with a 4-5 minute solo…shredded his guitar…even pulled a Jimi Hendrix…played it behind his back! GVF have a great future in store for them. And of course…the Foo fighters were incredibly awesome…high energy rock’n roll right from the first chord struck…As Dave Grohl said at first…I know this is a Bluesfest, but you muthafuckers are getting Rockin Roll!. They surpised everyone by a short medley of Beatle, Van Halen, Queen and Ramone songs…they did not disappoint anyone one of us 30,000 people, I hear were in attendance…last time I remember being in a crowd that big was with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now gotta get ready for Dave Matthews Band tonight, then Beck on Friday night! Wooohoo…long live Rock’n Roll!


@Drewdles You have me confused. Was the water gushing on the floor or just in the sink?


@Hummer Glad you are rocking out at Bluesfest and having a blast! Perfect weather other than slightly warm, no cancellations due to rain, etc…

@Hugger1 Tap was running into the sink, no water on the floor… Looks like drywallers left it on somehow… Ouch to the water bill…


@Drewdles And an insurance claim can be filed? I’m confused.


@Hugger1 You missed the original thread I think, we had a flood in the basement in a leaky pipe, and this is the insurance repairs and their guys left our tap running…


@Drewdles Thanks for the update.