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Wednesday 13th June 2018


Good Morning All and Happy Hump Day!!


Happy Hump Day everyone! - ThunderBubbles this afternoon? Protect yourself from the acid rain!:rofl:


Good morning… Get ready to get wet this aft! Been a busy week, hopefully once over the hump today things calm down, helps that I am no longer covering people at work.


Good morning and Happy Hump Day. Three co-workers left this morning on a 4 day motorcycle trip, heading due north. The first and last days are mostly highway but the two middle days are logging roads or worse. They’re on big adventure bikes and all have extra rotopax fuel cells, so it shouldn’t be an issue. With the rain today I’m thinking the trails are gonna get pretty muddy though. What could be an issue is the fact that the logging roads and off road routes they are taking are not on any maps. They’ll be following GPS coordinates they’ve layed out, so if there are washed out roads or bridges, or swampy sections, things could get pretty interesting for them.