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Wednesday 18th April 2018


Good Morning All,

Well, I missed all the C2T yesterday, so today, I will stay glued to the radio - well that is the theory…


Good Wednesday Mornin, Happy Hump Day! - Good luck to everyone in obtaining a key!


Text now. Goodluck!


Text TOYS to 762555 now. Good luck everyone! @hepi - hope you are at your desk!


Got my fingers crossed for you guyz!


Well good mornin’ all. Was driving when the cue came. Pulled over but could only stop long enough to post the C2T then had to drive for a couple more minutes before I could stop to text…oh well, got a few in.
Also, just got the Instagram notification.


Just got notification - caller 15 tonight 7:30pm (April 18) Good luck everyone :blush::blush: Been away so may have missed a bit who all has keys so far? Just wondering who I’ll see at the party May 15 :blush:


Good morning CHEZ Fanz!
7:30 pm queue to call from the CHEZ app. Be caller 15 starting at 7:30pm.
Good luck!


Morning all, busy morning, at least I caught the cue earlier today… I got this notification as well for tonight’s call… Having my parents over for dinner for my dad’s birthday, so hopefully I don’t forget… Did my Instagram post, and am about to try and get one hourly entry at least for today…

Good luck today, spring is just around the corner… We might try and get up to the gf’s cottage this weekend even…


@kellyka, I don’t have a key yet. As far as I know @Drewdles, @hepi and @LuvSkiing are still trying too. Not sure about any others. There’s still hope but time is starting to run short. :anguished::roll_eyes:


@kellyka - I shall be there!


@kellyka I’m still hoping I will be there! Starting to get stressful now!


@Hummer see you there my hubby has a key @Drewdles and @mikey2shoes GOOD LUCK!! I think @snowwhite has a key too if I remember right :blush:


Still trying - getting close to the wire though…


Less than 3 songs till cue…


Here we go…multiple commercials!


Yep. Back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back… I just want a freakin key…sigh


Hang in there @mikey2shoes


Oh yeah, time to text!


Text toys now.