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Wednesday 18th April 2018


Jonathan was the winner…


Johnathan was the Luckey key winner.


@Drewdles you keep beating me to the punch…lol


Yeah but it isn’t helping me win a key any quicker!


It’s torture as I work just down from Dooly’s, so pass by it all the time dreaming about being there…


That’s true @Drewdles, on the other hand even the last person to win a key gets to go to the party, so there’s no rush to get one… At least that’s what I keep telling myself…lol


Is there a way to login to the ROCK Empire in the Chez ap so you can enter the contest on the ap? I can’t seem to find it.


@LuvSkiing - No way that I found. I find it pretty much useless. Even the steraming radio part only works on wifi, for me at least. I log in to the desktop site on my phone. Seems to work ok for me.


@LuvSkiing My app had it… (iPhone) click contests at the bottom, then win a key and it takes you to the contest page, not on my old model it takes a while to load the contest entry form (about a minute)


I’m able to get to the Toys19 contest page where I’d expect the form to be, but the form does not appear. I’m on Android. Maybe it’s that ‘secondstreet’ form that android does not like.


Give it some time as I said on my apple it takes a minute to load the form (is blank other than t+c’s until it does), might be the same (my blackberry is the same as well, bad programming I think). Or it might be an android issue maybe whatever java or whatever programming won’t work. See if any other android users have success, if not fire off an email, twitter or Facebook msg to Chez to see what they say.


Text TOYS now


Bahh. Missed it again. Oh well at least I know I don’t have to worry about missing it from now 'till 7:00. Hopefully I’ll remember to try calling in at 7:30.


Hi Radiowallers…so glad some of you have made it in. Let’s see if we can coordinate and save a table for whoever gets there first. I count eight by your post. Sorry I have been extremely busy lately, the power outage, daughters’s basement flooded and one of my sons was close. Had to plug in a neighbor with a young child to our house generator and check on a few people living alone. Since my phone was working, researched generators for others and keep them apprised on the Limoges site. Wow I am so glad you guys made it. I hope there will be more. Have a Good One…PS @Hummer…we have to stop meeting like this (ha ha)


I think there’s 6 of us in my post (including our guests) and I think there was someone else just can’t remember so yes 8. we can coordinate a table that would be great!


I won a key also so would love yo meet up with the others.


Missed the 7:30 queue to call :frowning: Had Google Home set a timer for 7:25 but it didn’t go off and my parents were over for dinner so Google let me down. Here’s to hoping a couple more of us are able to score a key before next Friday…


@Drewdles, I missed it too. I stupidly didn’t set a timer, started watching hockey and working on my bicycle…and next thing I knew it was almost 9:30… Maybe one or even two of us will have good luck at the remote on Friday!


Sounds great…if there are any more let us know, so snowwhite plus one (2). Cheers