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Wednesday 20th June 2018


Good Morning All.

Felt a little chilly this morning compared to the last couple of days.

Today preparing for my trip to Leipzig at the weekend. 2 weeks in Germany and then England.


Good Wednesday Morning Gang! Happy Hump Day!


Morning all. So insurance person came Monday morning, and tested for asbestos since it is an older house early 80s I think. That evening guys came to get rid of the old carpets and underlayer and setup the industrial dehumifier (sounds like the electric chair is going off every minute and the basement lights dim when it does (think that is the pump for the drain hose). This morning they are coming to remove the ancient laminate or whatever was under all of that which supposedly has asbetos, and to Rick out the whole back wall of the basement and part of the ceiling. Making progress and still count ourselves lucky we caught it when we did and that we had most stuff stored on shelves.

Also decided I need a better phone for TOYS20 so got work to finally get me off my ancient blackberry that I have had for 4.5 years that nlackberry no longer supports, onto something that runs real apps, Android it is! Should get it today or tomorrow… then the steep learning curve as well as learning how to type again without a real keyboard lol…


@Drewdles Aren’t insurance companies just a thrill to deal with? NOT!! I loathe insurance comapnies and having to deal with them.


Well they are at least responsive and seem to be dealing with things quickly.
On an aside @Hugger1 are you related to Scott/Bernie at all?


@Drewdles Scott / Bernie?


@Hugger1 They are Hopkinson’s, just thought it might be a small world…


@Drewdles Bernie is my brother. But there are a lot of Bernie Hopkinsons. My a…hole uncle is named Bernie, but not Hopkinson.


@Hugger1 Did he live in Belgium and Germany for quite some time and then the USA and is now back in Ottawa? Didn’t realize there were so many Hopkinsons!


@Drewdles My brother has never been overseas,